Director-Executive Director, Preclinical Oncology

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• Lead a preclinical in vitro team for drug discovery and development against oncology targets, including drug screening and developing, MOA identification in preclinical setting of small molecule/biologics drug discovery.
• Oversee and manage oncology projects. Supervise and mentor a team including junior PhDs and associates.
• Collaborate with colleagues in other department, e.g. chemistry, DMPK and clinical team.
• Review new targets, tracking competitor landscaps, prepare and write documents related IND/NDA and grants application

• Ph.D. degree with 8+ years of industrial experience in cancer biology and genetics, molecular biology, and immune-oncology
• Industry experience on drug screening and developing, MOA identification in preclinical setting
• A proven track record for publications in the field of cancer biology and genetics, and drug discovery
• 4+ years of Management/supervisory experience is necessary. Hands-on experience as a team leader and project leader as well. Strong capability to solve any potential issues /problems in projects and people managing
• Strong leadership, highly self-motivated and creative thinking.
• Excellent oral and written communication in both English and Chinese and interpersonal communication skills are essential.