Hutchison MediPharma Wins 2008 American College of Gastroenterology International Award

Hutchison MediPharma Limited (“Hutchison MediPharma”) received the 2008 International Award from the American College of Gastroenterology (“ACG”) for its presentation entitled “Herbal Extract HMPL-004 in Active Ulcerative Colitis: A Randomized Comparison with Sustained Release Mesalamine.”

Hutchison MediPharma’s presentation was made in the plenary session for inflammatory bowel disease (“IBD”) of the ACG’s 73rd annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, on 6 October 2008. In this presentation, Hutchison MediPharma released positive clinical study results of HMPL-004 for treating Ulcerative Colitis (“UC”). The study was completed in China last year, and as a result, Hutchison MediPharma is currently conducting a phase II clinical trial for Crohn’s Disease and a phase IIb trial for UC globally across US and European sites.

Dr. Samantha Du, Chief Scientific Officer of Chi-Med and CEO of Hutchison MediPharma commented: “We appreciate the honour of this award. The medical community is in great need of safer and more effective drugs for the IBD therapeutic area, and HMPL-004 shows potential in providing a good alternative to existing treatments.”