Hutchison MediPharma Highly Welcomes Two New Members to Management Team

With great pleasure, Hutchison MediPharma highly welcomes two new members to the management team, Dr. Weiguo Qing and Dr. Guangxiu Dai.

Dr. Weiguo Qing is appointed as the Executive Director of Pharmacology with 11 years of drug discovery and development experience at Roche and Abbott. Dr. Qing’s primary research focus is in the areas of oncology and inflammation with a strong expertise in in vivo pharmacology.  During his time at Roche, he was a core team member for three key projects, especially an MDM-2 project to which he made significant contributions leading the in vivo oncology studies and moving the project from early discovery stage to Phase I. One target he proposed was approved by Roche to enter Roche’s R&D project portfolio.

Dr. Qing did his postdoctoral research with Professors John Pezzuto and Rajendra G. Mehta at the University of Illinois at Chicago after receiving his Ph. D. degree under the supervision of Professor Michael C. MacLeod and Dr. Mary Locniska from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center-University of Texas at Austin. He received his Masters degree under Professor Gentao Liu from the Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Dr.Qing has published over 22 papers and meeting abstracts and is the sole inventor for one issued US patent.

Dr. Guangxiu Dai is newly appointed as the Director of Discovery Chemistry. Dr. Dai spent her career years at Memory Pharmaceuticals and Neurogen Corporation before joining HMPL.  Dr. Dai received her post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University, her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Iowa State University and her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Nankai University.

Hutchison MediPharma wishes them every success in the coming years.