Medical Writer

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  1. Involvement with the composition and production of a wide range of different types of documentation concerned with health care and medical topics.
  2. Strong skills in such areas not only as writing but also analytical and research skills; as well as some knowledge in the medical field and regulatory policies / requirements for documents used in regulatory submissions.
  3. Strong writing skills and a firm understanding of medical terms.
  4. Use diagrams, anatomical images, photographs and charts to explain medical content, so proficiency with word processing software is a must.
  5. Understand CFDA regulations and follow all steps in the submission and approval process.
  6. Effectively translate medical and scientific material, including biostatistics, so readers fully grasp complex terms, data, and conclusions.
  7. Researching is a required job skill, so familiarity with reputable medical journals, regulatory requirements, and clinical research publications is a plus.


  1. A medical writer shall have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in health science. Advanced degree, such as MSc, M.D, Pharm.D. or Ph.D. in health care or a scientific field is a plus.
  2. Past experience as a medical writer with a pharmaceutical / biotech company is highly desirable.
  3. The medical writer must ensure that his/her writing is accurate, trustworthy, and ethical.
  4. Fact-checking, consulting with research physicians, scientists, regulatory affairs staff, statisticians, and corresponding PIs are job requirements as well.
  5. The ability to comprehensively discuss medical topics, without bias or partisanship is the core competency of a medical writer who is interested in pursuing a career with Hutchison MediPharma.