Medical Science Liaison

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  1. Interact with managed care organizations, healthcare professionals, clinical investigators, and other healthcare organizations providing fair, balanced, and scientifically rigorous medical and clinical information.
  2. Meet with healthcare professionals who might be interested in engaging in a scientific discussion regarding a product’s medical and clinical profile in the context of approved prescribing information as well as in response to unsolicited questions or requests for information which may involve off-label information. (Unsolicited means that the information request was neither suggested nor encouraged  by the MSL or sales representatives).
  3. Participate in the development and implement tactics identified in the Medical Affairs Plans (MAP).
  4. Work with clinical research personnel to identify potential investigators clinical research projects, based on the investigator’s expertise and access to appropriate patients.
  5. Alert investigators to company program for Investigator Initiated Study Proposals, working together with the medical manager on the process for submitting investigator designed proposals for review and approval; encourage and facilitate research publication of investigator initiated studies, in strict compliance with company policy and local country regulations.
  6. When requested (and consistent with local SOPs), may represent the Medical Department at Local or Regional Medical events (e.g. Medical Congresses and Symposia.)
  7. Facilitate the submission and publication of the study result from investigator initiated or company initiated projects.


  1. Candidates to possess a master degree in the life sciences (MD, Pharm.D, or Pharmacist, Biology) preferably with a specialization in the experience of Oncology.
  2. Requires strong scientific baseline knowledge in therapeutic area, clinical trials methods, implementation and interpretation, sound scientific and clinical judgment, and eagerness to learn more in depth in therapeutic area.
  3. Strong, confident and engaging presentation skill, and capable for customer facing.
  4. Outstanding communication and skills and the ability to function within a team environment.
  5. Proactive “can do” attitude and passion for the science related to the products and associated therapeutic area.