IT Database Administrator


IT Database Administrator (DBA) will work with all China Meditech business units to provide a seamless flow of information and data throughout the company with high security protection, considering both backend data structure and frontend accessibility for end-users. DBA will also build data management strategy and work with various application teams to setup right of database structure and keep database running smoothly.


  1. Design, build and maintain database systems of high availability and quality.
  2. Define and implement database backup and recovery plan with meeting business requirement.
  3. Ensure database security with right techniques and process.
  4. Monitor database performance, implement changes and apply new patches and versions when required.
  5. Perform Oracle ERP and Oracle Database administrator role.
  6. Manage data transfer and conversion between Oracle ERP and local database in BU.
  7. Address business requirement with proper application service and BI reporting constantly.


  1. Proven working experience and deep knowledge as a Database administrator for both Oracle and MS SQL.
  2. 5+ years’ experience in large Oracle databases management, Oracle ERP and business analyst.
  3. Hands-on experience with database standards, business analyst end user applications.
  4. Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity and SQL.
  5. Familiarity with database design, documentation and coding, programming languages API.
  6. Previous experience with DBA case tools (frontend/backend) and third party tools.
  7. Good communication and written English and Chinese.
  8. Problem solving skills and ability to think algorithmically.
  9. BS degree in a computer discipline or relevant certification.