Antibody discovery scientist / senior scientist

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Job Description :

We are looking for experienced and motivated scientist or senior scientist on antibody discovery, who will participate in therapeutic antibody discovery.


  • Develop, optimize and effectuate binding and functional assay (cell based assay) in therapeutic antibody discovery.
  • Generate phage library for antibody discovery and  screening candidate, working on antibody generation and engineering.
  • Experimental data analysis, interpretation and report writing.



  • Master or PhD in Biochemistry, Cell Biology or immunology. Experience in therapeutic antibody development.
  • Hands on experience in cell culture and cell-based assay in antibody screening and characterization. Familiarity with cell transfection, stable cell line development, ELISA, western-blot or FACS.
  • Or hands on experience in antibody engineering related molecular biology works and protein purification. Experience in Bi-specific antibody generation is preferred.
  • Hands on experience in phage library generation, panning, and screening is prefer.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills both in English and Chinese.
  • Team-work, flexibility and responsibility.