Senior/Principal Scientist, Formulation

Responsibilities: Exploratory formulation development.  Assess biopharmaceutical performance and solid state properties including stability, crystallography, polymorphism, solubility, and distribution coefficients. Evaluate enabling technologies for drug delivery.  Design test protocols and analyze exposure data from animal studies. Develop in-silico models with software such as Winnoline or Gastroplus and tools such as TIM to simulate, screen, and optimize formulation options. Collaborate with other functional groups in pharmaceutical development, Regulatory Affairs, and clinical supply operation and contractors.   Qualifications: PhD or Master in Pharmaceutical related Sciences or Engineering.  Master with 6+ years of experience or PhD with 3+ years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, with hands-on experience of current physical and chemical characterization techniques, biopharmaceutical properties evaluation, PK/PD related fields.  Working experience in international companies or research institutes for innovative medicines is a definite plus. Experience with characterization of polymorph and physicochemical properties, exploratory formulations development, and biopharmaceutical properties evaluation.  Knowledge of enabling technologies for drug delivery. Knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations.  Familiar with FDA/ICH guidelines. Knowledge of modeling tools such as Gastroplus or TIM. Good communication and positive interpersonal skills. Fluent in English.   申请这个职位